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UAP | 23/07/2024

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BODY TYPE @ București

BODY TYPE @ București
Nistor Laurențiu

Thursday, September 2nd, at 18:00, join us at ETAJ artist-run space for Pulsar Sinaps’ second solo show: a deep dive into the shapes of language and bodies, the forms that make up our sense of self. Pulsar Sinaps is a transdisciplinary artist based in Bucharest. He carries on a broad creative output consisting of paintings, sculptures, tattoos, murals, graffiti and music. He is a member of KAPS CREW, along Kaput (aka. OHBOY). He is also a resident tattoo artist at Sweet Damage Tattoo.BODY TYPE features a series of works created in 2021 that focus on the relationship between words and anatomy. Each piece is a self-portrait in disguise where gestural and expressionist strokes play hide-and-seek with pieces of the artist’s body.Pulsar Sinaps’ perpetual desire to decode language and its formal manifestations is one of the main drives for the present series. The artist confronts the idea of the flesh and the physical representation of identity with subversive and playful statements to divert the viewer from the usual paths of understanding oneself.The exhibition is presented by ETAJ artist-run space in partnership with UNICAT art agency and Ciocan Ionuț – Noble Mind Concepts.